ventilated facades,sandwich panels
infills for curtain walls, exterior cladding
roof constructions and rims, fabrication of flat or curved soffits,
balcony cladding, canopies
alshine aluminium composite panel, excellent in heat insulation
sound insulation, fire-resistance
acid-resistance, weather proof and non-resonance
superior flatness to other cladding products, excellent uv characteristics - retains color after long exposure
kynar 500 pvdf resin features strong chemical resistance
high-temperature roll coating method based on kynar - 500 pvdf coating, assures longer coating life
vibration damping - minimizes vibration noise, resistance to blow and breakage
polyester coating, pvdf coating, anti-bacterium panel
ALSHINE is a Miraculous and versatile aluminium composite material for exterior wall cladding systems on the buildings and also for interior decorative applications.

It is one unique product that lies in the trend of the modern architecture as its excellent flatness and smooth surface ensures accurate register alignment in small and large formats.

ALSHINE is a lighter and more cost effective than any other metal panels and in fact it is proven to surpass the solid aluminium in the strength to weight ratio.
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Applications of ALSHINE

ALSHINE with its ease of molding shapes your imagination. ALSHINE particularly suitable for use in the interior and exterior architecture of new and refurbished buildings. Its applications are numerous:

Ventilated facades,
Sandwich panels (infills for curtain walls),
Exterior cladding, roof constructions and rims,
Fabrication of flat or curved soffits,
Balcony cladding, canopies,
  ALSHINE is extensively tested in many characteristics according to relevant standards. It is one material that presents styles of design, looks of delicacy and yet at the same time shows the characteristic of high tolerance for seasonal weathers providing good look to the buildings.

Alshine Aluminium Composites Pvt. Ltd. emerges as the ray of hope to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the people, their aspirations and fascination of enhancing the aesthetic looks and appearances in the interior and exterior of buildings. Architectural projects that are designed with elegance and creativity can always rely on ALSHINE.

ALSHINE provides the freedom to shape new concepts by the designer and contractor. The beauty of it's modern, hi-tech appearance enhances the exterior of the buildings and also graces the interiors.
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Technically Qualified Sales Team
ALSHINE's well qualified professional sales team will assist you in selecting the right ALSHINE product to suit your choice and preference.
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Features & Benefits
ALSHINE can be used in hospitals and pharmaceutical labs that need to restrain bacteria and maintain sterile conditions.
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